October 16, 2008

Not something I would normally blog, but hey why not. I photographed a small corporate event on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale for a networking company out of Arizona and thought I would share just a few candids. Nothing fancy, just along to catch some candid moments of the guests! It was a great night for a ride on the intercoastal…nice and cool and not too muggy!


Scott & Kathy, two of the event coordinators, take the first portrait of the night with the wonderful showgirls.

Blackjack…Andrea and my favorite card game!

He thought he had blackjack and hit 21….but…....then realized he busted and went over. Guess he lost a lot of chips on that one. 🙂

No one was winning at the slots, so I told her to pretend. She did a good job I would say.

I think this company is hosting another event in November, hopefully we can be a part of that one too!


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