August 17, 2010

Naomie and Tyron wanted to test my speed skills for their e-session, as they were running a bit late to their sunset beach session. They were coming from up near Pensacola and had to make a stop in Port St Lucie to get ready for the shoot, and by the time they made it to the beach, we almost had no light left! But instead of leisurely taking my stroll down the beach, we sped it up a bit (even Naomie kicked it into gear by somehow changing clothes while we were walking to the next shooting location. I turned around and saw her in new clothes and wondered how she magically did the swap.)

After getting some great portraits on the beach and inter-coastal we pulled out the video light for some cool shots in the street and back over on the ocean side for some romantic…..ok lets just say it, sexier, shots in the sand. Love that dark blue/purple look you get after twilight. Enjoy      ~ Ryan


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  • Naomie says:

    Thankyou Ryan, I love all my pictures they look beautiful

  • Roberta says:

    Nice work Ryan. The pictures make me want to get engage. Naomie and Tyron, I cannot wait for the wedding day. Congrats again guys!!!!

  • Ryan Zapatka says:

    thanks roberta, when you do give us a call!
    Naomie……looks like you’ll have a hard decision, i certainly see a nice wall portrait to be displayed at the wedding!

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