Focused on Forever
Focused on Forever

Meet our artists

Meet Our Artists

Ryan Zapatka
Owner/Lead Photographer & Lead Filmmaker

Ryan Zapatka has been filming and photographing weddings and events since the studio was opened in 1999. Starting small, as Videos By Ryan in Stuart, FL, he started filming smaller events and sporting events but quickly expanded to begin specializing in weddings by 2003. Quickly Ryan and his team became one of South Florida’s most demanded wedding artist teams, and he and his team now photograph and film over 120 weddings and events per year. Ryan, a graduate from Florida Atlantic University, has always desired to stay ahead of what others are doing and impress all of his clients with superior quality, style, and strives to give the couples and individuals he works with the absolute best customer experience throughout the entire process. Ryan has lived in South Florida since he was 6, and it looks like he is here to stay. Married in 2007 to his lovely wife, Andrea, his family, along with his son River, lives in Palm City, FL.

Andrea Zapatka
Owner/Lead Photographer

It all started in the darkroom many years ago for Andrea Zapatka as she would create imagery and create imagery using “the original photoshop” while processing her own film. In 2005, Andrea joined the Focused on Forever team (and family when she married Ryan in 2007!), and her talent was quickly refined into being an award winning photographic artist. She loves creating amazing artwork with her brides, children, family, high school seniors, and the remainder of the studio’s amazing clients. It takes a wide range of photographic and lighting knowledge to photograph in all the areas Andrea excels at, and her final artwork is proudly displayed in hundreds of homes across the South Florida area and in wedding imagery for couples all over the country. Born locally here in Martin County, she has let to leave, and resides in Palm City, FL with her husband, Ryan, and son, River.

Marco Esposito
Lead Photographer

Marco Esposito, one of our lead photographic artists, surely has everyone smiling and feeling very comfortable once he has the camera on you. Marco has a gift of creating beautiful imagery with his subjects, whether it’s at a wedding, family portrait session, commercial portrait, or with a high school senior. After graduating from University of North Carolina-Wilmington, he traveled the country filming for an photographic educational team before heading back to his home state of Ohio to work with a well known portrait artist for several years. The cold was little too much (or the Florida weather was too convincing), and after meeting Marco at a few photographic conferences, Ryan and Andrea were excited to add Marco to our photographic lead artist team in 2012. Marco resides (when not on his jet ski or motorcycle) in Port St Lucie, FL.

Jennifer Sworn
Lead Filmmaker

You’ll find Jennifer in one of two locations, at a wedding or in the editing suite! As one of the studio’s two lead artist filmmakers, she works with dozens of couples every year capturing important family memories on their wedding day. As the team’s senior video editor, she also spends many hours in our editing suite making all our directors cuts to all of our films. Growing up in Martin County, she graduated from Florida Atlantic University, and currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL.

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