Meet Our Team

Ryan Zapatka
Owner/Lead Photographer & Lead Filmmaker

Aka da boss. It was always Ryan’s childhood dream to become a professional baseball player, but I guess his 82 MPH fastball just didn’t cut it. While in high school in 1999, cameras intrigued Ryan and his entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him and he started filming graduations and high school football games. Once Ryan figured out that he could turn his parent’s den into an editing room, he started buying cameras and VCR’s (millennials,view what a VCR is here) and his deluxe edit suite was up and running. With this technology, Ryan spent countless hours adding transitions and cuts to make the videos stand out. While attending college and beginning to share his talents with wedding couples, the parent’s den and the dial up AOL internet at his parent’s house just wasn’t cutting it and their first office was born in 2003 (the landlord was a little skeptical of this 19 year old having a thriving photo and video business…but they still took his rent money anyways). Fast forward to now and he still to this day invests in the best technology and is constantly finding new ways to hone his craft. Ryan and his team have worked with over 1500+ brides and has created quite a reputation over the years in South Florida. While he still thinks he is young, some of his wisdom is starting to make his hair turn grey but all that knowledge makes Ryan your all-star when it comes to capturing your big day.




Andrea Zapatka
Owner/Lead Photographer

“Hey you guys!” – Goonies. If you are a homebody who loves 1980’s cult classic movies of adventure, you and Andrea could possibly be best friends. Andrea is a mom to her son River, artist, holiday extraordinaire decorator, party planner, and above all Christian woman. She has a vision of the world that makes beauty burst at the seams. What makes Andrea so special is (not to sound cliche) her creative eye… she just sees things differently (her husband has been saying this all along but in a different context) and her camera catches moments that most people don’t see as they unfold. She is the mastermind behind much of the look and feel of our studio. She began documenting weddings with Ryan back in 2005, but her passion quickly grew into photographing children, families, and seniors, as well as wedding couples and her studio sets and on location portraits, are crazy good. Don’t plan on catching Andrea on the phone when you call our studio…she’s either behind the camera shooting, retouching a masterpiece image, cutting stuff with a Cricut (if you are a female and don’t know what that is, keep it that way and thank us later for sparing hundred of hours of your life back), spending the rest of her day being an awesome mom with her son, or planning her next family vacation to make memories with her family. She really believes in the importance of documenting life and people, and it’s not just a job….just take a look at one of her family trip albums to see the best family vacation images ever!


Marco Esposito
Lead Photographer

Marco, aka Team Comedian. He is the life of any party mostly because he is making it his nights goal to make sure that EVERYONE is having a good time! He really has a way with our couples… getting them to forget about being behind a camera. If you don’t find Marco behind a camera… he’s probably posting silly photos and video on social media….or on one of his many toys… boats, jet skis or motorcycles. He chooses his restaurants based on his weird obsession with sauces…we are still trying to figure that out about him. Never a dull moment with this guy! You’ll be laughing, smiling, joking, jamming to music, singing, or in some way, shape or form, having a good time if you get a chance to work with him! Did we mention he likes sauces?




Jennifer Sworn
Lead Filmmaker

Rock and Roll. Crank up the tunes…Jen is a concert enthusiast and loves music! She tends to be a little quiet on wedding days (you won’t have to worry about her yelling at you!) and she won’t miss a moment filming anything. Sometimes we call her the “the sniper” because she never misses her shot, but you don’t even know she is there! Shooting weddings help her condition for her marathon runs that are always benefiting many charities in the area. She loves Cooper, they walk together late at nights and snuggle. She’s always making sure Cooper is well taken care of. If you are wondering, Cooper is her dog 😛 Jen is usually found tucked in our video editing suite with a comfy blanket around her, we think she may be cold blooded—she’s the only one in the office that is cold on a hot sunny Florida day!


Suzanne Gardner
Schools Director

Lindsay Morley
Wedding/Portrait Support Specialist and Office Administrator

Colette Hester
Portrait Administrator/Product Specialist

Support Staff
Portrait Administrator/Product Specialist

We have a wide variety of support team members and lighting technicians/secondary shooters that assist our studio at weddings and school portraits and in our offices with image editing, album design, order processing, and more. Our amazing team allows us to serve you at the highest standard and give you the best portrait experience.